7107 Culture+Cuisine
illustrations, for interior & branding


7107 Culture + Cuisine is a culinary and hospitality destination that promotes the beauty, richness, and uniqueness of our local heritage and culture. We are the storyteller of the exciting adventure of Filipino heritage through a contemporary platform and levelled-up classic local dishes that will delight Pinoys of all ages. 

 The restaurant takes pride in Filipino ingenuity and creativity not just in food but also in the arts, as is evident in the collaboration of LDL Marketing and glocal artist, Daryl Feril. The design was centred on illustrating a tropical paradise with the use of local leaves, fruits and seafood to represent the natural resources present in the Philippines as well as fresh ingredients used in Filipino food.



Agency: Leung+DeLeon Marketing Services
Creative Direction: Theresa Leung, Claudine DeLeon

Release Date: June 2016

main section illustrations: wall art, kitchen counters pattern


bathroom corridor illustrations